A look at the shuk


My kids are delighted that strawberries are coming into season. Still early. Prices have dropped some but still 15 – 18 shekels a kilo.

Baby peppers are a steal at NIS 3.80 a kilo – I picked up 10, half red and half yellow for less than 3 shekels. I’ll probably just roast them and use as a simple starter salad.


My kids are going through oranges at a rate of knots – pretty much all the citrus fruits are delicious and cheap as you like (about 3 – 4 shekels a kilo) right now.

Green beans are excellent at the moment – about 10 shekels a kilo when half a kilo is ample. Blanch them in plenty of boiling hot water for 3 minutes, then immediately throw them in ice cold water – they’ll keep their colour and crunch. A little olive oil and sea salt over the top is great as is a soy, ginger and garlic dressing. You can add some raw red pepper, sliced mushrooms and purple onion (3.50 a kilo) for a colourful salad.

Cherry tomatoes are no longer priced in the stratosphere. 7 – 11 shekels depending on the type. I got a mix of yellow and mini plum (tamar), some of which I made into a salad for dinner with plenty of salt, pepper, finely chopped garlic, basil, olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic. I had that with a simple omelette salad made with toasted white bread and spread with my home made pesto and some sun-dried tomato spread (which I’ll post a recipe for soon).

cherry toms


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