Chocolate and the storm – a serendipity

I just wanted to share that this past Friday night we decided to stay close to home due to the storm and share a meal with our incredibly hospitable neighbours where the food is always good and company delightful. It just so happened that they were putting up a family of friends for Shabbat who had been without power and so landed on their doorstep with 5 beautiful kids which only added to the wonderful atmosphere.

Anyhow, it turns out that the husband is one of the founders and owners of Holy Cacao – Israel’s only bean to bar chocolate makers. I’d enjoyed their chocolate before but this time around I got to try a whole lot more and was really impressed. Premium chocolate is not cheap but it’s one of life’s little luxuries – not for guzzling – I really enjoy having a square or two with my coffee or a Scotch in the evenings so a little really does go a long way.

It makes a great gift and an interesting talking point. Israel it appears, does have start-ups of many different kinds!

More information on where to buy it is on the website in Hebrew and English (they ship locally and overseas too). My personal favourites were the Mexican which has cinnamon and chile mixed in and the Peruvian but really you need to try them all – this could get addictive!!


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