Home-dried cherry tomatoes


When you come home with a box of cherry / grape tomatoes, you’ll invariably find that the beautiful specimens on top are covering up some older, less lovable ones underneath. You’re also likely to realise after 2 or 3 days that you’re never going to make your way through the whole box before they start to go soft and squishy.


Turning these less-than-perfect examples into a little bite of heaven is so easy that you’ll be kicking yourself and, if you’re like me, buying then specifically for this purpose – particularly as they’re currently so inexpensive. They are incredibly addictive and moreish – we quite easily work our way through a tray of them as snacks but they’re excellent blitzed down with a little olive oil into a spread, scattered over a salad or served with some black olives and salty cheese – experiment!


Cherry tomatoes – this works with all shapes, sizes and colours but the sweeter the tomato, the better IMHO

Kosher salt

olive oil

Optional – a few sprigs of hardy herbs (thyme is my favourite, rosemary or oregano also work)

Cut the tomatoes in half and spread out on a cookie sheet lined with baking parchment

Sprinkle over a little salt, a drizzle of olive oil and the herbs if you are using them


Put in a medium oven – 150c / 300f for two hours (this is totally inexact – if you’re using a high heat then a shorter time should suffice, lower heat leave them for longer). Then turn off the oven and let them continue to cook in the residual heat – if you have a timer put these on last thing at night for a great breakfast snack. They should be soft, not leathery and dried out.


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