Jacko’s Street – Gourmet in the shuk


We had been planning to take close friends of ours out for a while to thank them for doing us a big favour. I consider them to know what they’re talking about when it comes to fine food and especially fine wines. Having previously enjoyed a meal at Jacko’s Street which combines two of my loves – good food, in the shuk, we were delighted to book a table when they suggested it as the venue.

Jackos’ has been around now for a few years now. On our previous visit we had barely managed to secure an outside table, early in the evening on a Monday night – a sure sign that a place is doing well. This time we booked in advance and found ourselves seated at a high table next to the bar with an excellent view of the open kitchen.

As soon as we were seated we were presented with some excellent bread and a hatzil aioli which was really good – I would have happily had more.

As I’ve noted in the past, one way in which I gauge a restaurant is by how difficult I find it to order. In some places it’s simply a question of taking the entrecote medium rare – this could clearly never happen at Jacko’s – pretty much everything on the menu looked interesting and I had a really tough time deciding what to choose. In the end I began with a fish dish which involved sashimi, eggplant and techina sauce and proved to be excellent. One of our friends choose a fish tartare which she had tried before but which was decidedly different this time – one of the quirks of the place is that whilst the menu stays largely the same, seasonality plays a big part so that whilst the proteins remain largely the same the fruits and vegetables used in the dish may vary. My wife pronounced the siske meat ravioli delicious and savoured every drop of the broth which they were served in – I had a nibble and have to agree with her – the meat filling had both a pleasing texture and a great flavour. Even the tapenade served alongside the bruschetta that the fourth in our party ordered was excellent.


For the main course, I did something that I would usually never even consider doing – I would generally scoff at anyone ordering the hamburger from the menu in a serious restaurant but I’d heard such good things about their burgers over and over that I decided to give it a shot. I was not to be disappointed. The meat used in preparation of the burger was clearly of a very superior variety, with a good ratio of meat to fat and grilled as requested medium rare – the best burger I can ever remember eating. One of our friends remarked that she would definitely be ordering it on their next visit. 2 of our group had the duck breast which was beautifully cooked and elegantly presented whilst a whole fish, cooked in the over rounded out our order.

Our friend was impressed by the wine list which is something of a complement but we decided against ordering a bottle and went with some cocktails instead. My personal feeling is that whilst it’s nice to get wine at a restaurant you are going to pay 4 or 5 times the cost of the same bottle in a shop so if I’m going to spend 200 shekels on a bottle I’d prefer it to be for a decent bottle rather than something I can pick up for 50. Call me a scrooge but that’s the way I see it. For the record I’ve never spent that much on a bottle of wine.

Service was excellent, ambience was funky and cool – expensive but not insanely so for a special occasion. We’ll be back!

10% discount on eluna.com but please remember to calculate your tip on the full bill!

Jacko’s Street, 6 Hashikma (if you’re sightseeing then the original Rami Levi is opposite) – make a reservation to avoid disappointment 02-581-7178 – Kosher Rabbanut


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