Station 9 – a new required stop in Jerusalem

A couple of weeks back I spotted a note on Facebook from one of my favourite new places, HaMiznon, that their Chef was leaving to a new venture – Station 9 – a few doors down.

A brief investigation uncovered an interesting looking, modern Asian themed restaurant, with an open kitchen which, back in the days before we had kids would have been worthy of a visit immediately. Following some very positive reviews from some of our besties, we quickly found an opportunity to check it out last night. Amusingly, we ended up with a table at Station 9, at 9:00 on the 9th…..

The menu is long and enticing – a very good sign. Suggesting drinks were mixed in between the courses. We decided to order 4 starters and 4 main courses between the 4 of us and to just put them in the middle of the table so that everyone tried everything. My only regret is that we weren’t able to try everything but given that the prices were really pretty reasonable I think that we’ll be going again before too long.

First up was the “Sea Mosaic”. Uncooked cubes of Salmon and Tuna, lightly cured in lime juice, with the addition of tiny cubes of melon, red chile and coriander – a fantastic starter, light, tasty and fresh.

Next was a second fish dish, Salmon Crispy Rice – sticky rice, cooked to a crunch with mushroom, asparagus and very lightly cooked salmon – a fantastic combination of flavour and textures – for me, the stand out dish of the night.

Kushiaki chicken skewers in a peanut butter sauce that was so good that we asked for more were next. I love peanut butter and whoever decided to try it on meat dishes surely deserves some sort of prize.

Rounding off the starters was Chikura – fried fish cakes with a dipping sauce which we enjoyed very much and will try to emulate at home – lots of chopped red chili, red onion, coriander, vinegar and sugar was what we concluded it contained. A dot of Sriracha on the side was also a hit for me – I’m a fan.

An excellent start was followed by the attentive waiter bringing us some Sake on the house – must admit that I hadn’t tried it before and found it to be pleasant but wouldn’t bother ordering it.

The mains, whilst very good, didn’t quite hit the heights of the starters.

The green Thai noodles was exceedingly tasty but not very green and didn’t appear to me to reflect the description on the menu. That having been said, my wife rated it as her favourite dish of the evening.

I thought that the wide noodles and mushrooms in the Pad Khing were excellent – I do love noodles and will be getting something similar to make at home.

The Chipotle Pargiyot (bone out chicken thighs) were good and flavourful but the rice with which they were served added little and the cucumber “carpaccio” could have done with a little more oomph. This was really the only dish which I thought a little disappointing.

The main point of disagreement was the slow cooked Assado (beef rib) – a bone of contention if you will. My wife found it overly tough whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet-vinegariness of the barbecue sauce and the fatty meat. One of our friends grabbed the bone and hungrily gnawed it down so we’ll have to record a split verdict.

We came to the dessert menu and were somewhat disappointed although I tend to expect disappointment in a kosher meat restaurant at this stage of the meal. The pickings were particularly slim and unappealing although friends have subsequently told us that the mango flan was really good so maybe we were a little hasty.

I always approach a brand new restaurant with a certain degree of forgiveness for potential teething problems but none was required here. This was one of the tastiest, best presented and imaginative meals that I’ve had for a while. Service was generally attentive though a little slow but not annoying so. The menu is very well priced – starters mainly in the 40 – 50 shekel bracket, main courses in the area of 60 – 90 shekels – given the quality on offer, I felt that it compares pretty well.

Highly recommended – we’ll be back and we won’t be waiting too long to do so!

We booked in advance – they weren’t too busy and walk ins would have been seated but I’m guessing that it’s certainly worth booking a table for busier nights. 072-2125152



3 responses to “Station 9 – a new required stop in Jerusalem

  1. Oooh that Sea Mosaic sounds delicious and very do-able at home. I totally agree about peanut butter based sauces and grilled meats – YUM!! Sounds like a brilliant place – look forward to hearing what you have on your next visit!

  2. Station 9 has become a favourite very quickly.
    The starters are excellent…I like the steamed buns and the egg rolls in particular.
    The cocktails are fun and the mains good too.
    Desert standard.
    If it works for you,there is a 20per cent discount for lunch 12-5.
    Everyone I have taken there has liked it a lot.

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