Mojito – the refreshing taste of summer!


It is something of a mystery to me that, in Israel, where citrus fruits are so plentiful, that limes are almost impossible to find for most of the year. Typically they are available for a short season of no more than a couple of weeks during which frantic rumours spread as to where to find them.

This year, as soon as I spotted them I picked up 3 or 4 kilos every time I was in the shuk. I’ve juiced them into bags, stored some whole in the fridge and frozen still more whole whilst a bag of zest is now settled in the door of the freezer too.

On my last visit, when the stock was already dwindling, I stopped on my way home to purchase some rum to go with my limes. Whilst whisky is my drink of choice, in the summer months, there is little more refreshing than a gin and tonic but a Mojito is certainly good competition – a combination of lime, mint and soda, with a good splash of rum, lightly sweetened served over ice is what summer is all about. My lunch guests clearly agreed with me as we went through a whole pitcher to ensure that no-one was feeling any pain!

Whilst cocktails are sometimes a little intimidating this one shouldn’t be. It’s exceedingly easy to make and to enjoy!


Ingredients (for 1 glass)

2 or 3 branches worth of mint leaves (grow your own – it’s almost impossible to kill)

1/2 a lime cut into 4 segments, skin on

1 1/2 tbsp white sugar (play with this according to taste)


2 fl oz of rum (I tend to be heavy handed with the pour – you may want to dial that back a little!)

soda water / seltzer


Put your mint and sugar in the bottom of the glass

Squeeze the juice of 3 of your lime segments in and add the squeezed segments in.

“Muddle” the mixture in the bottom of the glass – basically get a wooden spoon and shmoosh it! You’re trying to release the oils in the mint and the lime skin whilst dissolving the sugar in the juices

Fill with ice

Add rum

Fill to the top with soda, give it all a stir and garnish with your remaining lime segment

Bottoms up!


Your feedback is welcomed!

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