Carne – Meat Sandwich


Whenever someone suggests eating somewhere new my first step is to check for a website, a review, a Facebook page – some sort of presence in the online world with a review that will tell me whether or not it’s a worthwhile destination. When the name Carne was brought up by someone who I consider to know their stuff, my online search drew a total and utter blank. For a tiny eatery, located on a side street in downtown Jerusalem with more illustrious, social media friendly competitors all around, the only way to survive is to serve excellent, well priced food and to develop a loyal following. Happily I can report that over 3 years, Carne has managed to do just that and I hope that by being part of its nascent web presence I can help more people find their way to it’s doors.

Carne offers a short carnivore-friendly menu (a portobello mushroom option is available but you don’t go to a place called Carne to eat fungi). Choose from home made beef / lamb mix kebab, aged entrecote, home made beef sausages, chicken breast, chicken livers or chicken thighs . Choose to enjoy it in a crusty sandwich or as part of a salad and whether you want to add fries, potato wedges or onion rings. We ordered the entrecote and home made sausage with sides of fries and potato wedges as onion rings weren’t available.


The entrecote was a huge hit. Thinly sliced, well cooked meat, fresh vegetables and appropriate sauces in a really good thick crusted white roll softened by the delicious meat juices. I was less impressed by the sausage until we decided that it needed an extra something and asked if we could get some hot mustard and Tabasco. They quickly brought some Dijon and three varieties of Tabasco (I highly recommend the smoky chipotle) which added zing.


Fries were very average but the potato wedges were very good indeed.

Carne is an intimate eatery with 3 or 4 small tables and some bar seating. The food is excellent and provides a serious alternative to nearby chains in terms of quality and price. That it is still up and running despite its lack of marketing tells you that the product must be good. Definitely a place I’d repeat if I was in the area (which I frequently am) but not a destination for a special trip.

Carne, Meat Sandwich, Jerusalem, Located in the alley between Shlomtzion Hamalka and Ben Sira Streets

Kosher – Rabbanut


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