Oren & Yanni’s – a foodie’s paradise in the heart of Jerusalem

Sometimes, you’ll be bored of shopping in a supermarket, seeing the same old, tired brands over again. You want something a little different to tempt your taste buds, a nibble to spark conversation with a fellow food fancier but without having to spend a fortune or go to the ends of the earth. Oren & Yanni’s, tucked into a charming, pedestrian-only side street just off King George St, may well be exactly what you’re looking for, with the added bonus of being able to sit down and have something to nibble on whilst you’re there.


Schatz Street runs between King George and Shmuel Hanagid between Hillel and HaMa’alot. On Friday morning you’ll find an arts and crafts fair there and across Shmuel Hanagid at the very start of Betzalel St which is fun to take a stroll around and offers plenty more to see. You’ll find a pleasantly appointed store front to your left as you walk down the street with a display of some of the treats waiting inside.


The uncrowded shelves are lined with gourmet goodies which are difficult to classify – sort of like a lucky dip – there are artisanal crackers, imported jams, teas and coffees, flavoured salts, baby pickled onions, marinated artichoke hearts and a well priced selection of wines, beers and juices. I picked up a small bottle of truffle oil and a spicy pepper spread from Nany – an Israeli brand which I hadn’t seen before but am now lusting after their entire range of natural spreads and marinades. There were cookies, jars of sardines, pasta sauces, popcorn and chips, almost all brands which I’d never seen before anywhere, let alone in Israel.

Given it’s location, I can quite see Oren & Yanni’s becoming a favourite destination when I want to browse for a treat of some kind. I could quite happily work my way through their entire stock and now is a particularly good time to do it as for the next 2 days (that is until Tuesday night, July 14th they have 2 offers on groupon – 50 shekels worth of groceries for 25 shekels or a half price Friday morning breakfast for two for 42 shekels instead of 84. The deal on the grocery groupon has been extended – not clear until when.

They don’t have kosher certification but as far as I could see everything is kosher. Meat and milk items are both available and served separately. Each according to his / her comfort zone!


Your feedback is welcomed!

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